Case Study

Influencing the governance culture in a Fintech business

Results at a glance

  • 25% Reduction in finance control costs
  • 30% increase in investor activity
  • Improved risk identification capabilities


This Fintech business had been established for three years. The firm’s culture was one of innovation and challenge, but perhaps lacked maturity and experience within the senior leadership team, particularly in relation to Governance Risk and Compliance. This had resulted in some areas of foreseeable risk manifesting themselves in a way that potentially place the future of the company at risk.

“…we were able to help the company reduce overall risk exposure and strengthen the firm’s financial and strategic capability.”

Our Approach

We were engaged to review and offer options for enhancing the risk and compliance mitigation capabilities of the organisation, and our comprehensive risk review, immediately identified a misdiagnosed risks and focus on incorrect mitigation activities.

Upon presenting our analysis to the Board and investors, we were further engaged to oversee the implementation of a remediation package to provide greater visibility of, and control over the organisations risks in relation to: Regulatory Compliance, Governance and Financial Risks. This included initial support in the form of an interim CRO and with securing permanent in-house talent.


We have continued to support the Board by contributing to the firm’s strategic business planning, with challenge and insights to drive commercial benefit from prudent risk management activities.

Through our support and remediation activities we were able to help the company reduce overall risk exposure and to strengthen the firm’s financial and strategic capability.

Notable achievements included; expenditure reduced by 25%,as a result of the financial controls that were implementation and a 30% increase in investor activity arising from the improved confidence arising from the renewed financial stability and greater visibility of the company’s risk profile.